Sorry Arsene, RVP doesn’t deserve our respect – AFC

There is so much riding on this game today, a season is defined by where you finish after playing all your games. However there are a number of games on your calendar throughout a season that require a victory at all costs or at the very minimum no defeat. Usually those games are reserved for your local rivals where pride is put on the line and there definitely is no love lost between us and Tottenham. But today the match against Manchester united holds equal standing to the north London derby due to a number of factors that have arisen over the past year.

We have always enjoyed a mutual rivalry with united due to our epic challenges for the premiership title back in the late 90’s and early noughties. But two key factors have raised the bar on this clash to the level of which victory would have grown men crying with glee.

We all know the factors I have mentioned: the 8-2 and Robin van Persie.

Now looking back at the match on that ill-fated afternoon in August we were taken to the cleaners, we were in a bad place; our squad was in turmoil as players instigated their departure from the club leaving us in limbo. With key players gone, injuries to senior players on the day we ended up playing united with one of the most patched up starting elevens I had ever witnessed. Players making their debut, players untried at the highest level, players who had already negotiated moves away and were just filling a gap and which was quite evident were more concerned with not getting any injuries to spoil their medical.

The united team smelt blood and as we know arsenal fans we went on to witness one of the darkest days in our clubs history. The manner of the defeat brought such shame and disappointment on the name of arsenal football club that it will take more than victory today to erase the memory from our heads. A victory would help though.

Since that ill-fated game we did purchase players who steadied the ship and managed to turn our fortunes around slightly. There is no talk of crisis anymore like we had back last august but there is talk questioning how far this club has moved on. A question that will continued to be asked until we finally return some silverware to the trophy cabinet at the emirates AND the walking, talking stain on our clubs history that goes by the name of Robin van Persie finally buggers off.

Never has a man who has achieved so much with the club and then showed such disrespect by sticking two fingers up to the club and joining one of their main rivals. We have over the years had our differences with the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor or Samir Nasri but as we all know they were mercenaries and nothing those players do surprise us. They both joined our club with whispers of disruption and baggage at previous clubs, they initially knuckled down and showed their talent but their ugly sides surfaced and our club is a better place for not having those types around.

Robin van Persie is a player who spent many years at arsenal; we stuck with him through all the bad times he experienced with injuries and his short temperament. Arsene Wenger helped develop his game until he has become one of the most recognized and respected strikers on the world stage. He was club captain and he has experienced the top players leaving the club in the past. He knows what would be tolerated and what would not sit well with the club. He knows arsenal history and was fully aware of his actions when he made the decision to leave arsenal to join Manchester united.

We saw the passion he had when Adebayor joined Manchester city, that clash they had embodied the kind of bleed for your club mentality that fans of all clubs love. It could be just that the two players just never got on but still all the words he mentioned in aftermath of clashes with Adebayor showed how much he disliked the decision to leave the club for rivals in the name of money and quick trophies. How quickly times change.

Robin van Persie is finished with our club, those eight years spent with us mean nothing, he is not welcome back in my eyes and I would never acknowledge any achievements he received for our club.

Arsene Wenger has called for the fans to respect Van Persie and has likened the hate to some of the racial issues that has dominated football for the past few weeks. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with Arsene there. I am not encouraging hate on a player because of his nationality or colour of his skin. I am not condoning any physical violence directed at the player and I am not condoning any verbal abuse that goes beyond football banter (i.e. booing). But I do feel Robin needs to know how arsenal fans feel about him, he needs to be aware his actions over the summer were a disgrace and that he is never welcome back at arsenal in any capacity other than visiting when representing his new club. When his career is on the wane and he is desperately looking for a new club I do not want to hear Arsene has allowed him to train at London Colney to regain fitness and find a club. Those kinds of doors are shut on the player forever and I want him to know that.

To our fantastic away supporters, give him hell but keep it all above-board. Robin Van Persie is not worth risking getting yourself into trouble for.

It’s a tough ask for our boys to pull off a victory to gain back a smidgen of redemption from that 8-2 defeat but It’s not impossible.

We can do it.

Enjoy your day people.Enjoy the game

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25 thoughts on “Sorry Arsene, RVP doesn’t deserve our respect – AFC

  1. agree with most points, but keep off the critcism of Wenger in his press conference, he is hardly going to say yeah abuse him, and that chant of “she said no Robin” which was so crass when I heard away supporters sing it in front of RVP and his family, including his children, sickens me when I hear it from our supporters. Boo, hiss, wave money, do the panto stuff but I think some chants should be left out of a football staduim and I think this was the point wenger was making

    • fair enough, i agree with you about wenger, he has to say the right things. i also dont agree with us singing songs we didnt like when he was our player. keep it strictly football banter.

      • He needs stick,hes a scum bag,”the boy inside me”!! the bank manager inside me more like.he will get stick from me and my lot when they come to us in april,bit of luck he will be injured by then!!

      • We are a feeder club now, moslty to citeh. Wenger hasn’t got the answer I’m afraid, and with a split board and a tight pocket, get ready for more misery in the future. I heard yaya toure wanted to leave man c then they won the league an he is smitten. Oh, they also strengthen when they have to. Yes, with lots of money it’s easy to spend, but when your club is touted as one of the big 5 richest, and when you’re charging the most in England for fans to watch the game, how can we never spend some FUCKING money??!!! No one is saying 30-50M on one cunt, just maybe that much on four perhaps??? FFS 0 1

    • If we sell him and then we don t buy M’Vila and one creative/attacking miildefder then this is the problem that Rvp was referring to in his agent’s statement. Wilsher, Diaby, Rosicky and Ramsey (he s always out for me) will miss the beginning of the season and starting fixtures are tough.I can t believe that Podolski and Giroud (and maybe some 17 year old kid) will be our only shopping this summer. That s so sad and we ve already seen it before. 3rd place next spring will be the trophy again for Arsenal Who s next? Walcott? Song? Wilshere?Lot s of people are so proud now but remember how some fans turned against Wenger last year. It s easy to play proud on but what will happen if we start our season bad? How long Wenger can fight and loose he s captains every summer? I hope some new Rvp will emerge. Miracles can happen, but I’m afraid not every year. 2 4

    • Unless the board cave in and let Shitty have their way there is a deadlock. If Shitty or United bid for him we tell them to fuck off. If we try sniellg him to Getafe or some other foreign team not run by a billionaire he tells them to fuck off.He could well be with us for the last season of his contract. Arsene may be saying he desires to keep him because he has got the board’s agreement not to give in to any filthy rich clubs or our uppity striker. They gave in last year and the club, and Arsene, were ridiculed in the press, which no doubt had some sort of effect on the value of our shares. It is really in our interest to keep him and prove our strength and determination to the world, regardless of any monetary cost. 0 0

  2. he’s a traitor if God will forgive me i pray everyday he sustain na everlasting injury,he deserve nothing bt booing ovation

      • because with wilshere he had no ccihoe, our midfield was almost decimated due to injury and he had to field 11 men on the pitch so he had to take wilshere but look at the effect too many games has had on him, a warning as too not play the OX too much.And cesc, well cesc at his age was already brilliant he would have developed more at a harder level than with playing for the reserves and was good enough to play in the first team already, he was simply put, exceptional and cesc\’s game required less running and movement than the OX has to do so cesc could be played for a whole season because his game required less physical strain. 29 0

  3. Well said.. you have described the real feeling and hatered we have towards this unloyal and disrespectful creature….

      • fuck all in public to abnoydy about anything. It’s not as if he’s sitting in the stand taking potshots at our youth team is it? He said his bit. Now the club decide how to handle it. He’s not as cunty as Nasri yet.And as I have said before, we can stop him going to Manchester if we choose to. We can block every deal he wants if we choose to. But, he can refuse to join any club we choose for him. It’s a deadlock, and the only way it will be broken is if the Arsenal board crack and allow him to move wherever he wants. If they do that we are branded a weak selling club (like Milan). I am hoping they learned from making that mistake last year.RVP could be an Arsenal player for another season. Live with it.At least it’s only a footballer dissing you. How much worse must it feel if your manager who you have worshipped for more than 20 years says that if you don’t toe the line and agree with everything the club does and says then you aren’t a REAL fan? That is what United fans have to deal with today, and it’s worse than anything we have to deal with. 0 1

      • Is as if wenger is a clown still tklaing of keeping vp for what!We fans have tired of reading anything about this guy than vp sold to any interested club u cash in on him invest in another prolific striker florente jovetic lewan they are all there for sale solders go another solders enter barrack stand but steady after ronaldo leaves man u its still remains they won trophies in his absent then who is vp wenger should have knows vp is a wayward player injury prone only 1 season witout injury what wenger thinks might happen next season i’m afraid.Mr wenger just free this guy arsenal fans have tired watching him in red&white he is unfortunate brings new fortunate breeds girouda7podo are well done job brings more time is going 1 11

    • Looks like Arsenal fans are gonna suffer hrhatecae for sometime with all these players that shine for a moment and immediately want to leave. For all we fans know the club has a plan for the next few years which does not include keeping their better players, and so once a player is in the limelight he out to be sold! I don’t think the fans are fully aware of the details of the club’s footballing intentions. It simply doesn’t make any sense why each summer the better players don’t want to extend their contracts and want to leave, only for the manager to keep trying to convince fans that he really wants to keep the players each summer, and eventually they leave! As a fan I really want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe RVP should tell what the club’s way forward is that he disagrees with. Some of us fans are getting tired of all this each season and feel sad that as much as we want the club to compete and win trophies it is getting more difficult with each good player we sell each summer!!! We so badly want Arsenal to be the feared force it used to be a few years ago.ONE ARSENAL!!! 4 1

  4. from chigwell gooner,RVp is just a dis loyal twat,”the boy inside me” you wanker the bank manager inside you,why not just say he wanted a new challenge?because he is a grade A pirate,same as nasri and Co.I hope the arsenal fans give him absolute abuse as he will get from me at home when they come in april,it ruined nasri s game when he got it and cant wait to give it to the twat,

    • i will be sure to give him some at the emirates too, i just hope the away fans dont take it too far. want all the news to be about the match and not on crowd violence etc

  5. I have always said that RVP is all about ‘ego’Truth is he couldn’t keep that big ego aside so he came 2 man u & that ego will hunt wenger today

  6. That rapist cunt should, must and will get a caning today. But the biggest caning I want is for our French cunt of a manager. Can’t wait till he fucks off, I’ll personally lead the chorus.

    • It’s perfectly clear why this hapepns to us. We buy some very very good young players who know they can learn from a master under Wenger and get game time in important games, and we do turn them into stars, but we can’t match the silly money that teams who don’t care how much they spend are willing to pay. They players decide to maximise their earnings because their career will be over long before they are 40, and they are tempted away from us. The reason it hapepns to us more than other teams is because we bring more of the best players through, but it DOES happen whenever any other lowly football team gets lucky and finds a gem. We are not being singled out, we are just better at bringing top players through to an age that they start thinking of their financial future like anybody else in their mid to late twenties does.The days when we were in the top two every year died when teams started to be bought by rich people who wanted playthings, or who wanted to advertise their countries before their oil runs out. They aren’t coming back. However, one day the silly money will dry up, and then we will have a new chance to shine. Until then be thankful that we stay in business and at least try to win trophies and have a small chance of doing so each year.ARSENAL In it for the Long Run. 0 1

  7. I don’t believe his heart does lie elseehwre. It lies with winning trophies and making large piles of money. If we keep him he has to put one off for a year and hope the rich clubs still want him a year for now. However, he can try to win trophies with us, and we have improved our team over last season.If he stays I just hope that the Arsenal fans can put their disgust with him on the back burner and wait until he leaves next year before calling him a cunt like Nasri. Much better to remain silent when his name is called at each game, and not sing his songs, until we see that he is giving his best. We know he’s only likely to be at his best for one more year, so why shouldn’t we have it? We’d have to spend at least as much on a new striker as we would get if we sold him now, so keeping him isn’t a complete loss of whatever money he’s worth this summer.We should keep him at least until January to see if he is going to work hard for us one last time, and if he isn’t up to scratch we can sell him then for whatever we can get. Remember that if we do decide to sell him this summer we can’t dictate where he goes as he has to make a deal with the buying club and can simply refuse to go abroad, or anywhere but Manchester. Best make the oil fuckers wait a year. It’s the only way we can hit back at the bastards and if they don’t want him by then hard luck mate. Find another sugar daddy or sign on the dotted line and see if you can win our acceptance back (and bringing us a trophy this season would help your cause there). 1 0

  8. to be fair it took van persie a good 4-5 years to beocme the complete player he is today signing him was clever genius even but the fact is it wasn’t a statement of intent like signing podolski has been, we could have enough talent (up front) to challenge for the title next season, just depends on what arsene thinks. I certainly believe he is aiming to win it and IMO we need a couple more top signings in midfield maybe another in defence to do that, but then with song’s forward forays, frimpongs injury we have coquelin who is very competent we may need another out and out holding midfielder though i’d rather lansbury came back and did a job, a player who’s arsenal through and through, a love which can add up to 5% to a players game, and that can’t be underestimated. 3 0

  9. He had a good season but only 1 out of 8 years as oterhs mostly injured. But it sounds like his mind is made up. He is just causing problems in the club and on the training ground. Let him go but not to and of the Mancs teams. Let Juve have him but for a315 million. It sounds like that is his preferred choice. Once he’s gone and newcomers come in we can settle down to business and win trophys this season. Thank you RVP for a good season for us last term but time to go. Even with some good signings he is still wants out. bye bye. 2 0

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