Fabregas joins worst team possible

Nice timing Cesc, seriously you couldn’t have timed it any better. Arsenal fans have been on a high ever since the Arsenal players lifted the FA cup. The World Cup was now upon us, in what was expected to be a far more relaxed interesting summer for all Gooners. The only thing that should have been bothering Arsenal fans was where to watch the opening match of the World Cup. Roll on the announcement earlier in the day of Chelsea’s acquisition of our former golden boy. Mourinho despite ending the season empty handed again managed to irk Arsenal fans. You can’t necessarily say he put one over Arsene Wenger as it was reported for some time that Arsenal turned down the opportunity to sign the Spaniard.


It’s never nice to see one of your better players join a rival, the situation with Robin Van Persie was clearly a different one and in the case of Cesc he was not even an Arsenal player. However, whether the manager is happy with his personnel in midfield or not when a player of the highest quality becomes available you cannot turn such opportunities away. Especially when the player is a former captain, idolised by the fans when at the club and still at an age where he can be deemed in his prime the last thing you want to see is him join a direct rival.

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From that perspective it’s hard to lay blame on Fabregas if he wanted to return only to be snubbed, where blame can be laid is the 2nd choice of Chelsea knowing how much the team and manager is despised in North London. All the talk of love for the club and Arsene mean nothing now he is a Chelsea player. I’ll whisper it quietly but I’d have preferred he join Manchester United than Chelsea.


After winning back favour with the fans after the FA cup success the decision to snub Fabregas has now taken Arsene’s one step forward two steps back in many fans eyes. You would have to think that there are major transfer plans in place to justify the Fabregas snub. It was hoped last year’s summer transfer window of frustration was a one off but this years has now started with a similar feel. The ‘big’ signing of the summer cannot be as late as Ozil’s was last year, it’s imperative that business is done at a minimum before the new season starts.


Life goes on, Fabregas is one player and Arsenal football club is much larger than any one player can ever be.

Enjoy the final people.
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15 thoughts on “Fabregas joins worst team possible

  1. Screw you for calling chelsea the worst possible team. Arsenal is as good as your old fucking coach’s erection. looks threating to begin with and drops way too early. no wonder – sour grapes. go crawl back under the shadow of 1 FA cup for the last 9 years.

  2. Despised in North London , and all over the world, and for some Chelsea fans like me.
    Mourinho’s mind games stink , his lack of objetivity and comments irk not only rivals but Chelsea people itself.
    We had lost 2 incredible players like Mata and Luis just because they like me can’t stand our own manager.
    The worst. This guy threatens us to stay for 10 years. Could you imagine 10 years of nonsense words week after week? 10 years of horrible football?
    10 years watching the abuse of our own players by a child minded manager?
    It is a terrible time to be a Chelsea fan.

    • refreshing honesty. as ive said in many responses I don’t think Chelsea are rubbish I was pointing out as an arsenal fan and the rivalry between clubs it was worst possible choice for fabregas. at the end of the day we turned him down so we cant throw all our blame at the player. yes, mourinho certainly attracts a kind of school playground mentality when it comes to mind games which fans the flames of discontent but at end of the day a top quality player became available and he took advantage, something I hope arsenal will not regret.

  3. Haha u don’t cry u fucking scums good players they don’t play for arsenal, every player live arsenal wy is that becaus you are shit club that wy

  4. A team with over 10 trophies in the last 10 years and you call it Worst team? You must be the worst football fan ive ever seen……..then what can you call that Association with 1 FA cup in 9 years???? huuu!!!!! thats y u will never win any big trophy coz ass…nal is full of idiots from the coach to the fans

    • Worst team possible from perspective of arsenal fans. Why is it so hard for you Chelsea fans to understand a simple statement? I am not saying Chelsea are rubbish

  5. @ramport3…am 100% sure u r an ass-nal fan…we don’t have stinking fans like u at chelsea.

  6. The chelsea fan mentioning the 1fa cup n 9yrs stl cant close to the no.of trophies arsenal has,even if u win 1 every seasn to 2030 n we dnt win anythng(24 to 40 for arsenal) u hpless scum

    • You talk about history,is that why you follow the woolwich boys? One lucky FA cup win over in nine years with a club of your resources is disgraceful. That’s the only thing you can cling to is the amount of trophies you have won ever,as recently you have just been lucky. Chelsea will take you again next year,as whinger is not in the same league as maureen. Whinger is a youth development coach that’s all now.

  7. Are you talking of what you won back in the stone age, they are focils by now……Still No European cup to show.

  8. Its so sad for a club like ass-nal to burn the shirts of their heroes whom have helped them to b where they are…..sooo sad n yet ur the reason for them joining ur rivals……1st Van persie n now Fabregas…….I pity the club owners, the coach n the stinking fans.

  9. Arsenal is not good at anything good……if they attack they can’t score, if they defend they can’t stop, the youth players are all shits, the ladies are sluts, the manager doesn’t have a wife, the coaches don’t know how to dress, the captain is a bench warmer, the owner can’t spend, the players have funny names, the fans are deluded, the next trophy will come in 2023, they are in the north, chelsea beat them 6-0, chelsea blocked demba’, chelsea won champions league, chelsea players are richer, chelsea fans are healthier, chelsea fans win more bets…………………………

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