7-0 Win is a welcome distraction from transfer paranoia

It’s a relief to have something other than the transfer goings on to talk about with Arsenal. I have resisted as much as possible from being drawn into the speculative rumours of which players are close to joining the Gunners and at times it has been justified.

Now we have had some football to take our minds off the subject and the Arsenal didn’t hold back on the goal front. I won’t bore you with a match report as such, there are highlights available for you to draw your conclusions however I will comment on my observations from watching the match.

An Indonesian all-stars XI were the opponents in Jakarta as we romped to a 7-0 victory. Most notable thing for the start of pre-season games is no new signings were present to draw extra interest in the game there were however a number of youngsters spluttered in the team to showcase their abilities.

afc team pre match

Interestingly the game was played on astro/artificial turf meaning different footwear was required, I always find it weird seeing professional players playing on non-grass surfaces, memories of the pitches at Luton town and QPR come to mind. The bounce of the ball is different and it’s out of the comfort zone for many of the players. The score line itself is enough to show how well we coped, of course the opposition is hardly of the highest standard but you still need to concentrate for the 90 minutes regardless.

It was a great performance all round for the players as they didn’t waste time is shrugging off the rustiness of the time away from football. Most notably Aaron Ramsey put in an accomplished performance; he was a class apart in the first half and definitely showed he has plenty in his locker. Too early to judge how a player will perform once the season starts but if the young Welshman can reproduce performances of the like from yesterday then he will go on to have a very influential season.

Although we came away with a clean sheet and played well in general there were a few ropey moments for starting centre half Ignasi Miquel. It may seem a bit harsh to judge him on his first game of the pre-season calendar however with the movement of defensive personnel Squillachi and Djourou the young Spaniard currently is automatic fourth choice. Given our injury record you cannot rule out the required services of fourth choice centre half next season. This means Miquel has to be critiqued the same as would be of Koscielny, Mertesacker and captain Vermaelen. This could be a big season for the young centre half and he needs top performances pre-season to prove to Wenger there is no need to sign another defender. He was shifted to left back in the second half however that is a position I feel he should be used in as a last resort. We are well stocked in the left back department but with Nacho Monreal on extended break after his Confederations Cup duty Miquel is the alternative option there.

An interesting decision by Arsene Wenger was the deployment of Chuks Aneke in a centre back position when brought on at half time. I’ve not known of the youngster playing in that position though he certainly has the physique and athleticism to be a decent defender. It could be a masterstroke by Arsene to reinvent Aneke as a defender; he has done it before with Kolo Toure so you never know. It’s an optimistic assumption I know but I would like to think Aneke has a future at the club and if that is in a new position then so be it. His close friend Jay Emmanuel-Thomas was a versatile player who many in the Arsenal backroom staff believed had more potential as a defender however JET was adamant he had more to offer offensively. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough offensively in his game for Arsene which has resulted in his career being elsewhere. If Chuks is willing to do all it takes to succeed at Arsenal and heed the advice given then he will at least have known he gave it a go.

Chuba Akpom started the game and was rewarded with a goal, nothing more the youngster can do to impress his manager. In football you have to take your chances and the youngster is not messing around as he is moving rapidly up the ladder of approval by all those concerned at Arsenal. He really is proving to be a top talent and one for the future, let’s hope he avoids all the outside influences that have the potential to derail the best.

All the youngsters performed admirably yesterday, they were comfortable on the ball and certainly showed the Arsene ethic of football. Gnabry, Olssen, Eisfeld and Zelalem, didn’t looked phased by the occasion and I hope they get the chance next season whether it’s in the League Cup or any other competition for that matter to prove themselves in games with higher stakes.

And finally all the players played well, 7-0 is a great score even against part time players but new players are still needed. We cannot use yesterday’s result as any justification that our squad needs no new personnel.Business i’m sure will be done,i suppose despite recent seasons proof we have to believe that the players Arsene wants at the club are negotiating deals in the background. Some people have touted this as the worst summer of business at Arsenal yet we are still over a month away from season start, the time to judge is when that window closes. we have the sticking point of a Champion’s League qualifier which could be throwing a spanner in the works of some deals, time will tell.

Enjoy your day people.

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Yaya Sanogo signing could signal end of the world

First day of the summer transfer window opening and Arsenal took the opportunity to make the signing of Yaya Sanogo official by announcing it on the official website. The young Frenchman’s signing is one of the worst kept secrets amongst those connected with Arsenal and it was simply a case of when would he be confirmed by the club.

Due to his commitments to the France team at the current on-going U-20 World  Cup tournament in Turkey the striker has not been available to do the customary photo shoot in the Arsenal kit alongside an exclusive interview. It will come in time of course but for now the official announcement may be enough to stem the frustrations of the fans that have had to contend with the past month of name after name linked.

On a personal level the past month has been unbearable as an Arsenal fan. Twitter is an enjoyable pastime, the banter and shared opinions with Arsenal fans is second to none. The last 30 or so days leading up to the opening of the transfer window coupled with the admission from Ivan Gazidis that Arsenal has the spending power to compete with the richer clubs for players has led to an apparent untold number of exclusive signings being claimed.

On a daily basis a different player was “in advanced negotiations” and a “done deal to be announced in a matter of days” only or the anticipation to be met with silence. It reminded me of a few years back when some preacher predicted the end of the world. He gave a date for the so called ‘rapture’ in which we laughed off, as the day came most of us despite the lack of credibility in the man’s claims slept the night before with one eye open. The day came and went, we even waited an extra day in case the guy miscalculated and forgot to carry the one, still nothing. When it was time to question this preacher on something he embarrassingly got so wrong it turns out he did a runner, fled in shame and eventually owned up and apologised.

The point I am trying to get to is we live in a world of false prophets, forever claiming to be the ones in the know yet never backing up their prophecies and in most cases doing a runner with the church roof fund in their back pocket. We have a new dawn of false prophets whose congregation are the social media dependant stratosphere we all rely on.

end is near

Despite genuine folk out there in the know for every one of those there are fifty or so who take to Twitter, gossip sites, Facebook or whatever else platform they can get their word out on to spread absolute fabricated tripe.The nameless twitter accounts and website authors who feed the news show no sign of going away, the difference is they have no need to apologize, they can just reinvent themselves under a new name.There are no true sources to many of the stories but it just takes one person to believe for it to be shared and then it spreads. Sometimes the red tops fall for these stories and run with it in their publications, this in turn adds more credibility to the stories and then the lie is so believable the only way to nip it in the blood is for Arsene to come out himself and deny point blank. That’s not going to happen so we have to live with it, take each name mentioned with a pinch of salt.

Stay strong Gooners, now that the window is officially open business will happen, we just need to stay calm and you never know the likes of Higuain, Fellaini and Rooney could surprise us and become Arsenal players by start of the season on the down side the world may actually end. For now Yaya is an Arsenal player, let’s appreciate that and welcome the Frenchman to our club before it all ends .

Enjoy your day people.

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