Standard: Van Persie and AFC talks to resume this week now holiday is over – AFC

Dear all apologies for lack of recent posts, being on holiday means putting feet up and enjoying sun takes preference. To be honest it sure beats being back home in London with the bad weather and bad feeling over Robin Van Persie and his recent publicized decisions.

Now our former captain should be returning from his holidays this week and talks are expected to be resumed between Wenger, Gazidis and his agent. There’s nothing for Arsenal fans to hope for in terms of whether he can be talked into changing his mind or not; he made it pretty clear he will not be signing a new contract with the club. For him to make a sudden turnaround will not please all, despite us initially not wanting our former captain to leave the statement he made pretty much closed the door on any goodwill and respect in his relationship with the fans.

The club have experienced this before and it didn’t work out with positive results as Emmanuel Adebayor was pimping himself out to any big club that looked his direction. He started likening clubs that showed interest in him to Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lady Sovereign or whoever was hot to him at the time as he was ill-advised by his agent that concrete interest was on the table. This showed great disrespect to the arsenal faithful after we took him to our hearts following a fantastic season just completed at the emirates.

Wenger and his people called him in for talks, he realised he had a good thing and signed an extension and declared he was staying at the club, the problem was the damage was already done. Arsenal fans were divided on whether he deserved our forgiveness and support; in the end he played out the following season to lukewarm reception, sometimes booed and eventually shipped out as the connection with the club was severed.

"I love this club"

He left for Man City with a few parting shots at the club and fans and ironically enough he had a much publicized spat with former captain Robin Van Persie when the clubs met. RVP clearly wasn’t happy with the mercenary ways of the Togo forward and it was clear to see on the pitch by the clashes between the two and THAT reaction to the goal scored.

Now from my perspective I accept if he wants to go, we will move on as the club will last longer than his career. That is unless of course there is a Glasgow Rangers style collapse of the club, never gonna happen. One thing we can guarantee is good balancing of the books.

Moving forward is Van Persie’s decision on which club he prefers to go to. This is where I draw a line, he attempted to be fair and upfront to the fans with his statement and didn’t fall short in expressing his love for the club. Now if he really does love the club then his decision on his next club should not involve another premiership rival. There is no bigger kick in the teeth than to line up against the club you supposedly love in the same domestic league when you are at the top of your game. Coming to the end of your playing career, no longer getting into the first XI then fans can understand an idolised player moving to another domestic rival for a final long-term contract and the chance to play more regularly in their twilight years. When you are at the top still then its disrespectful to move to a rival, if its trophies and honours a player craves then they can cherry pick that from a number of teams abroad.

What will Robin Van Persie choose? It has been mooted for a long time now that Man City is interested in signing him. Fans can’t be angry at the club for wanting to sign him, they have the money to buy who they want, he was the premiership’s outstanding player last season and would always court interest from the top teams.

Would Arsenal fans accept a move there? highly unlikely. That would in effect turn RVP into public enemy number one ahead of Samir Nasri. Robin has been at the club long enough to understand what would and would not be accepted by the fans, he has seen over the years the returning legends such as Wrighty, Adams, Pires and Bergkamp; the reception they received because they showed true respect to the club and receive it back any time they return to the club. That will not happen if Robin moves across the UK, is he willing to throw away 8 years of connection and history for maybe a bit part of a money machine with not exactly guaranteed silverware. Man City was effectively 2 minutes away from a trophy-less season.

The talks this week will not really mean much in terms of Arsenal’s future as he is 99% gone but it will be important in terms of his future connection with the club. The ball is in his court, seeing out his contract or moving across the EPL is not an option…

Enjoy your day people

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30 thoughts on “Standard: Van Persie and AFC talks to resume this week now holiday is over – AFC

      • If he stays (which is highly unlikely) and is big enough to rise above the invitable bad mouthing and booing he will receive from certain sections of the Arsenal fan base, and he managed to get a few goals early on in the season, then most of the fans will soon ‘forgive and forget’… Let’s be honest we are a fickle bunch at the best of times… If he goes this summer (which I’m sure he will) then I just hope Arsenal don’t sell him to Man City.


    • Me too I want him to stay and we need to forgive him because am sure he was put true this by his agent for money purpose RVP long time interest was not considered


      • never easy to convince all 60,000 fans in the stadium, i remember when we played liverpool last season, Nasri played for us and many of us cheered him on in the hope he would stay with us. by next day he was gone.. i wished i had a time machine


  1. A Balanced View on RvP

    I will begin by stating that RvP’s agent shouldn’t have released ‘the statement’. It showed a lack of respect for Arsenal, but what’s done is done. However I don’t see anything wrong with any player choosing any club at any stage of their career for whatever reasons they see fit. It is after all a profession, not a jail term. I just feel things could’ve been done more tastefully. Opinions are like arse holes in that way, in so far as everyone has one, but the level of vitriol from some quarters towards RvP is totally uncalled for. Supporters in general are an emotional bunch; they are also by nature unflinchingly hypocritical. The callers for loyalty only call out to the best, whilst a player with limitless loyalty but unmatched talent will be scorned and the butt of every pre-match punch line.

    As Arsenal supporters we were all saddened by Sanga’s injury, a player every fan I know speaks highly of, but if during his absence at the beginning of this coming season a new right back should enter our collective affection, with world class, commanding performances? What if the much praised Sagna were to return long, long before his form does? What would the collective’s new demand be then? (Feel free to answer these rhetorical questions.) Imagine if this player were to be Djourou, a player of loyalty to Arsenal but who is scorned for not being good enough when called upon and also for excepting the wage offered to him. I now unwillingly enter the murky water of the collective’s view of wage structure which isn’t where I want to be (if I had it my way all sport would be amateur).

    My point is rather an understatement, football supporters are fickle, and many if not all live vicariously through the players on any Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday they happen to play. (Add Thursdays for our soon to be Channel five watching neighbours.) With the injections of billions and billionaires there seems to be a get rich quick and entertain us attitude emerging from some supporters, generally calling for huge cash purchases that would put the club in the hands of it’s debtors, somehow with millions and billions being spoken of people lose this fact. However Manchester are in huge debt and continue to challenge for titles, Liverpool are also in huge debt(dead pan). There are many who want Arsenal to adopt the Chelsea/Manchester City approach of running the club, the short term feel good factor, the long term domination, but is it possible if the rules change? I’m not an accountant/ Fortune teller.

    If we had this money RvP wouldn’t be going anywhere, our squad would be stronger and we’d be winning trophies. We could become the new, new Manchester City or we could become the next Leeds United if the fat man were to pull the plug(or go back to prison). I don’t call players disloyal for wanting to leave, as I don’t call clubs disloyal for releasing young players without contracts. It is after all, all part of the game. Arsenal (currently) can’t afford all the best players in the world, but even without RvP (and the doe eyed Theo if he’s off too) we’ll still have some of them. I know I say this every year, but I think we might win something this season.


    • Well said…Footballers are also normal people…We all do change workplace when we had better offer…


    • The English must introduce some sort of regualtions in the interest of the English national team. The spanish team is good because of the quality of the la liga. Today, with bottomless pockets superstars ae bought from all over the world with teams like Man city buying some stars for the crowds. With their huge wages running, they care less if they dont play. All players who want money go to particular clubs while the others manage te remaing 18 clubs. The English FA must introduce it;s own version of the financial fair play. Otherwise, the EPL will be worse off. Imagine an 19 point gap between the first and second or third team. That is not even competition. Man city should be reported tor FIFA if there is eveidence that there was contact with RVP without permission. They need to learn to develop players rather than add eleven new players yearly. Inspite of these, they were two minutes to beeb trophyless.


      • i assume the financial fair play rules will made some change, they are slowly introducing some rules to encourage home grown player quotas per team but there is a thin line before human rights can be infringed.


    • Well put, sometimes us fans need to take a step back once in a while and have a bit of perspective


    • Cheers, just wanted to get that off my chest. I also agree with everything in your blog, there’s no way back for RvP, but the future’s bright.

      I’m just waiting for Wenger’s statement…
      “I’ve got 99 problems but a pitch ain’t one:”


  2. If city utd or chelsea are the only clubs to meet our valuation of 30m what then? suppose the italian or spanish clubs only offer 15m what then?
    The worrying thing for me is when did the conversation take place and what.exactly was said. if it was after the signings of podolski and giroud then we should all start worrying as that is likely to be it in terms of players in. if it was before then podolski and giroud are the likely replacements for rvp and walcott and still we are unlikely to see the sort of players coming that we all want. either way whats worrying me along with who is next to refuse contract talks?


  3. Let the Management check each other very well. Almost every season Arsenal lose their key player and its always their CAPTAIN. Viera,Henry,Fabregas and now RVP. What is happening to the management not the Team.
    True Gunners I am.


  4. RVP is not an Arsenal player come next season, d truth of dis issue is dat he can decide to play anywhere he like, Arsenal will still be Arsenal.


  5. RVP’s statement was clearly written to engineer a move away from the club. I genuinely dont think he believes our squad is shit and not capable of challenging for honours (to a certain extent). He is 29, finally injury free and is about to sign his final contract. He knows he can get 200k a week somewhere and no doubt has already been told as much by other clubs. With that sort of salary will usually come trophies, as the clubs that pay this sort of money, have the top players. Therefore it is easy to say you want to leave to win things, as the money comes with it. RVP has tried to turn the fans against the club, but it has backfired. Well it has with the knowledgeable fans, not necessarily the Jonny Come Latelys. He will get his move, his paycheck and maybe even his trophies.

    He will no longer be adored by the Arsenal fans amd will be seen the same as Adebayor and Nasri. This is the choice he has made and in my opinion, he has made it for money…..


  6. As much as I love RVP he has to go. Immediately, if not sooner.
    He blasted his coach as directionless. He insulted his team mates as not good enough.
    What will he tell Alex Song? You should have delivered better passes?
    Is he telling Theo, you just ain’t fast enough?
    What is he telling Arteta? You are shit in the midfield?

    Ship his ass off to Europe, buy another striker. Accept the offer from Anzhi. See how he like shopping in downtown Makhachkala.
    Anyone with any intelligence knows that letter was posted by his agent, the scum sucking greed machine. The move backfired BIG TIME..
    It made the most popular Arsenal player into persona non grata. Deport his ass.

    And to you FIFA 12 playing rectums who think Arsenal could buy players like Chelsea or Man City. GET REAL. Chelsea is by money siphoned off from Russia, City by oil money.

    Now you want another Russian CRIMINAL to run our Arsenal. P H U C K OFF!


  7. Come on arsenal and fans, we need not to worry about RVP, with or without RVP life must go no at arsenal, the club have been pacience with him. Let him flash his memorry back! He has been in the club for good 8yers he should tell us how many season he play injury free and attract the so clubs that want him now,so please let him go if he want to go arsenal will still remain arsenal which the club will life longer than his carier. We should not allow RVP saga to distruct our plans, mr wenger get more players for us pre-season is arround the curner.


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