Title Claims Could Hurt Wenger Again – AFC

The media has once more set Arsené Wenger up for the fall, after the Arsenal boss confirmed that his side have a chance of a title shot, just four games into the Premier League season.

Wenger was speaking after the Gunners’ dominant 6-1 victory over Southampton, a result that will be remembered as part of a very good weekend for Arsenal. He was asked if he was confident of winning the Premier League this season.

“We have a chance for the title but first we must show consistency,” Wenger told BBC Sport. “We have the quality to do it but we have to show how much we want it.”

This positive response is just what Arsenal fans will want to hear after witnessing such a confident display over the weekend.

Yet for the media to ask Wenger such a question just a month into the season is disappointing, as they will no doubt chase up the manager on his comments later on in the year.

If Arsenal do have a blip, then Wenger will look just as foolish as he did last season, when he claimed that Arsenal had a shot at the title, before that 8-2 defeat to Man United.

Two seasons ago, the Gunners were in the running for all four trophies and Wenger was drawn in to saying he thought his Fabregas-led side could do the quadruple. One month after that quote and the entire season was up in smoke, with Wenger made to look clueless for jumping the gun.

But what can he say? Wenger’s hands are tied when asked questions on future trophy success; he cannot say he believes that Arsenal have no chance of winning the title in case he upsets both players and fans.

The media love a sound bite and will always run with a manager claiming an early stake in the title race, but it is nevertheless frustrating that Wenger has been drawn into a discussion over the championship before the season has properly got underway.

Arsenal remain outside favourites for the title, at 21/2 in the Premier League odds.

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  1. my name is mohamed keir i have been Arsenal fans for 9 yrs i hope it’s time for Arsenal to take the Opportunity.We will not allowed Back wards more than this.


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