Underwhelming Transfer Window for Gunners

The transfer window is a period of time in the football diary that excites football fans; it never fails to raise talking points as names get linked with your club. The January window in itself is looked down upon from its summer counterpart as the more desperate window. It’s a last chance for a manager to put right their mistakes in the season, at times it can work for them as a shrewd signing pays off and other times it can backfire and damage team morale.

arsenal new signing

At this moment in time Arsenal fans are sat pulling their hair out whilst waiting to hear of any signings to boost the Arsenal team. We have a history of not going crazy in the January window however this time around frustrations are strong amongst the fans and the demand for reinforcements to reignite a stuttering campaign is high. Arsene Wenger assured fans he will spend in the current transfer window; he also noted that he will make the effort to sign any exceptional players that become available.

We had hoped that transfer dealings would be made early to ensure any new players bed in quickly in what will be a tough month for the team. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, our biggest story of the window so far seems to be the will he/won’t he saga of Theo Walcott and his contract negotiations.

"£1 fish? hmm bargain..."

“£1 fish? hmm bargain…”

We have passed up the opportunity of signing proven premiership goal scorer Demba Ba for a pretty decent £7.5m fee with the manager claiming we have enough in Olivier Giroud. I personally don’t see them as similar players and the addition of Ba would have only strengthened our attacking options. To now sign a player of similar ability would cost double if not even more than that to purchase.

Chamakh and Djourou have moved on making the squad lighter and it can only mean players will come in to replace them in the squad. All the names linked so far seem to be nothing more than rumours; I’m sure Arsene Wenger will surprise us with the players he does bring in. He surely cannot afford to take the opportunity for granted and the players to come in will need to be ready for the starting eleven.

We only need to look at last weekend’s round of F.A cup games to see the boost a new player can bring to a team. We witnessed Demba Ba at Chelsea and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool getting off the mark for their new teams. Ideally a signing now rather than at the end of the month would be a big boost in our overpopulated January fixture list.

I think for now we can rule out signing Villa, Lopez and M’vila but can expect someone coming in. Don’t raise your expectations too high on a big name as it will only lead to probable initial underwhelming disappointment when we sign someone hardly registered on the radar. That’s not to say they won’t be a success for us but I expect Wenger to do it his way. Whether his way is enough is another story as a disappointing season could well cost the manager his job.

Enjoy your day people.

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16 thoughts on “Underwhelming Transfer Window for Gunners

  1. How does Wenger still have a job!?!
    His continued time as manager at Arsenal is the footballing version of the emperors new clothes; nothing but bulls**t!

    Wenger out Pep in fast!


  2. In life when u have a mistake oness is a mistake but went u repet is not a mistake so wenger beware and manegement .so sing a quality player in order to replace vp and song


  3. AW will and can not be buying anybody because he is moving on just before end of season. Pep will be coming in just before then and will want to buy his own players.
    Well this is my hope anyway.


      • Why would he choose us over any other team in Europe?! Maybe because we have one of the finest young squads around, we are very well placed for the FFP rules coming in, we have a magnificent stadium in one of the greatest capitals in the world, he will not be interfered with by the board/owner/president, no matter what anyone says we also have an ethos of attractive attacking football, we have tradition and history and finally, do you think a great and honest manager like Pep would like to walk into any club and buy a title, or do you think he’d enjoy the challenge of taking a sleeping giant back to the top? Not every manager is like Mourinho. Not that I’m having a go at him. Come on man, use your head and a bit of imagination.. I personally think we’re probably very high on his list given the reasons I’ve stated above.


      • If there are limits on budget then I doubt it. Managers today want to spend spend spend on top players. There’s no time to develop and build like before. If wenger goes we will have same impatience with managers.. Wenger has lasted this long because fans respected what he achieved in the early years and gave him benefit of the doubt. I feel that goodwill has run low and any new manger won’t have same level of patience


  4. Too much talk by Wenger but no action. Who exactly is the right player? The players you rejected are scoring goals. Please do something fast.


  5. This season is wenger’s make or break season nd if he fails to tk advantage of d jan transfer window to right our already rubbish season, then we loyal arsenal fans shuld not be blamed for chasing him out… We’ve stomached enuf rubbish from him.


  6. look at past signings ,i dare you to find a fab, henry, bergkamp potential,he signed way to many below av and sold to many world class,selling our best+ the prem top scorer to a rival and the rest no-one wants(check out the loanees),BRAVO PROFFESSOR well done indeed,last 7years have made me proud……..sorry i meant CRY.


    • i feel the plan was to nuture and create players from youth but the young players as soon as they tasted first team football on loan they wanted more and jumped ship rather than waiting to prove themselves. other clubs reaped the benefits of the groundwork we put in 😦


  7. wenger knows best,he has been at arsenal for a long time,lets give him d benefit of doubt on pulling us to champions league places.


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