Arsenal claim 4th place ‘trophy’

So that’s it, fourth place secured with a win at Newcastle. No playoff though I doubt Arsenal fans were too bothered about that, Spurs won but that effort was in vain as Arsenal took hold of their own destiny and achieved the win required.

Any Arsenal fan that tells you they were not nervous before or during the match are cold faced liars, the tension was unbearable at times and the final whistle could not come quick enough towards the end.


Laurent Koscielny provided the deciding goal to maintain champion’s league football for the Gunners and was a rock at the back to boot. Man of the match in my eyes and it is hoped his form from the second half of the season is here to stay permanently.

The whole team deserves praise for holding their nerve to carve out the result when the pressure was surely on, Tottenham had the far easier game to play and it was important that Arsenal scored the first goal to alleviate any extra nerves which could disrupt their performance.

The importance of securing fourth place cannot be stressed hard enough, competing in the champions league is the difference between attracting players of the calibre of Jovetic or settling for players of lesser ability. European football is a bargaining chip in negotiations and will ensure top players will consider signing up at the Emirates, it also ensures the current squad won’t get itchy feet for football elsewhere.

giroud celebrates v newc

Many have commented on Arsenal’s celebrations at the final whistle, saying that they celebrated as if they had won a trophy; I can assure you if fortunes were reversed and Tottenham achieved the fourth place they would have celebrated the same way if not harder. Fourth place was at stake but also was the chance to better your bitter rivals, nothing can be sweeter than achieving at the expense of your rivals. A trophy was not won but the tears of the spurs players at the final whistle is worthy of celebrating 20 times over.

worth it

worth it

Arsenal can now build on this, it will take shrewd business from Arsene Wenger to improve the team and create a squad capable of challenging for honours in an Alex Ferguson-less Premier league. The core of the team is there, there shouldn’t be a Robin Van Persie-esque departure from the squad this summer. The additions from last summer should improve on their solid debut seasons and a clear out of the less involved players should come to fruition.

Andre Arshavin took to twitter to bid farewell to Arsenal, he thanked the fans, his colleagues and all the staff at the club as well as wishing the club well in next year’s champion’s league. It’s a nice touch from the diminutive Russian who never said a bad word about the club during his exiled period this season. He left the club with many quality memories most notably the 4 goals at Anfield and that winner against Barcelona. He will be fondly remembered by Arsenal fans and I for one wish him well in the next chapter of his career.

arshavin tweets

Guys, please take advantage of the bragging rights to all the Tottenham fans you know. Do not feel sorry for them because they would not hold back if roles were reversed. Make them feel like rubbish today and for the rest of the week if you can.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal claim 4th place ‘trophy’

  1. Now the serious business of winning starts.Wenger has to get the players who cna fire the gunners challenge for the epl and other trophies. 4th maybe good for
    Spurs but Arsenal have higher goals.To make an impression ,Wenger needs to buy the players who can make an immediate impact.Forget project y which has beena failure.
    Now Red Face/Nose says the MU empire will go on.He must have not been learning history in school.Empires come and go . It is a fact of life.To be frank,Moyes will be lucky to lay his hands on the epl in two or three years time.Rf can dream on Moyes winning another 13 epl in 26 years.
    I doubt Chelsea/MC/ Arsenal will stand still and let MU dominate.


  2. Now we can see statements like, “we will be active on this transfer window”, “trying to sign 4-5 players”, slowly it will get change to “asking too much money for that player”, “close to sign two top class players”, but at the end final day of transfer deadline wenger would probably sing some junk players from french league (either injury prone player or below average quality player). This will happen for sure. MARK my words.


  3. After the final whistle at St. James’ Park, Wenger celebrated nabbing the fourth position (qualifying for the Champions League) like he had won the World Cup. Once their coveted fourth spot came under severe threat from Spurs, Arsenal went on an unbeated run playing like a team out to win the Premier League. Arsenal would be performing much better if they raised their aspirations beyond playing for fourth position and “making profits” – Arsene Wenger’s primary obsession. If he wasn’t so obstinate and thick-skinned, Wenger and his Board (with legendary greed for cash) would build on this, free-up some resources to bolster this squad and compete for the Premier League title next season.


    • this season was a wake up call, we had similar last season but then lost our best player in RVP. This season we should be building on quality rather than having to replace quality


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