Euro 2012 over, Miyaichi out of London 2012 – AFC

We have reached a football inter-lull again, all the goodness we witnessed from Euro 2012 is now over, the dust is settling and realisation is kicking in that there is no more football for a while.  The Euros themselves were quite enjoyable overall, most of the games were entertaining and as expected the latter stages were tense affairs and lacked entertainment value but still kept you glued to the screens. Still we can’t complain since the final gave us four goals to digest. Former captain Cesc added another Euro championship to his CV as Italy appeared to have used up all of their mojo in the earlier rounds I guess peaking to beat the Germans.  Now with Euro 2012 over we have to wait a little while until the Olympics kick off; to be honest I’m not even too excited about Great Britain team because I do not tend to care for Stuart Pearce and his erratic decision making.  Personally I hope no Arsenal players are named in his squad, I wouldn’t put it past him to name Jack Wilshere in the squad to try to wind up Arsene Wenger. We all know he’s not ready for action but that won’t stop Mr Pearce.

One player apparently not making an appearance at London 2012 will be our very own Ryo Miyaichi. The young winger has been omitted from the Japan final squad announced which is quite a bizarre decision. Especially with his links to London his inclusion would have resulted in an added fan base to the japan side as gooners would have supported Miyaichi and Japan in their numbers. Quite a blow in general as the Arsenal man has recently broken into the japan squad, the experience at the Olympics would have been a great experience for him. Hopefully young Ryo can turn this into a positive and give it his all in pre-season training and games and work his way into Arsene Wenger’s plans for next season.  A big ask really as I think he would benefit from another loan but who knows, he could take his game to the next level and make it hard for Wenger to send him out again.

I haven’t really commented on the Theo Walcott to Spurs rumours since the whole story is a load of bull, I really think this is the press having nothing to report so start using their assumption skills. (AVB likes Walcott) + (AVB joining Spurs) = Spurs want Walcott. Maybe they should move one step at a time; AVB hasn’t even been announced as Spurs manager yet.

In other news the Carlos Vela’s permanent move to Sociadad is picking up pace as reports from Spain state negotiations are going on between clubs and look positive.  Arsene Wenger has ruled out taking the France manager position. Good move there since that hot seat has become as much a poisoned chalice as our very own England manager position. Good luck to the sorry soul that talks on that role and tries to manage those egos.

That’s it from me this morning, enjoy your day people

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