RVP going to Man U, Time to forget the Dutchman – AFC

So the departure of Robin van persie from the Arsenal is as good as done, the reality has kicked in and yes he will be moving clubs to another rival. Last night Arsenal gave the biggest indication yet of the impending move to Manchester United when they announced on the official website that terms had been agreed by the two clubs and the Dutchman was whizzing his way up to Manchester to put pen to paper, fluke a medical and become a Manchester united player.

The fee has been mooted around £20m-£24m for our now former captain and in the grand scheme of things me have made the most out of selling a 29 year old at the top of his game with 1 year left on his contract. Not ideal in any circumstances to be put in a position where you are forced to agree terms with a rival to sell them not only your best player but the best player in the whole league last season. The writing was on the wall ever since Robin released his ill-fated letter to the fans in July declaring he had no intention of signing a new contract. Actually the writing was on the wall when the Dutchman left for the Euros having not signed anything, many fans myself included still held onto the small hope that his mind could be changed if Arsenal showed their ambition with their transfer activity over the summer. Quality players were brought in, some questioned whether they were replacements for our then captain or a signal of intent that we were ready to challenge top place. Whichever the reasoning was it doesn’t matter, he’s gone now but Arsenal are big enough to overcome this loss. The new signings showed positive signs in the last friendly against Cologne and there’s no reason why Robin’s goals will not be replaced by the attacking options we have at our disposal.

On top of the departure there is the possibility that the money received for Van Persie will be utilized in the transfer market. Arsene has not publically stated his transfer dealings are over, many potential deals could have been on hold until the future of van persie was decided. You cannot risk replacing a player who could change their mind and stay. Arsene made no secret of the fact that he wanted van persie to stay and no doubt tried everything in his power to convince van persie he didn’t need to leave. This is probably the reason why any transfer has taken so long to come to fruition. On one hand im glad this will be resolved before the season kicks off I really didn’t fancy the situation we had last season with Nasri, he even played for us in the home defeat to Liverpool before jumping ship; on the other hand I cant help but wonder how much of a force we would have been if he stayed as part of our current squad.

I cant dwell on the regret of what could have been, what we have here is a player who really shoved two fingers up at the fans that have adored him all these years and believed in him despite the continuous injury setbacks; his way to repay them is by defecting to a direct rival. I really feel Robin has tarnished all those years he has put in at arsenal with this move. In the past season when statues have been erected of arsenal greats you would have thought robin would have looked on admirably and been inspired by what he witnessed at the returning Thierry Henry. Players like Thierry and Robert Pires moved on from the club however still maintained their legend status by respecting the club, they still talk highly of the club and they are as big an arsenal fan as you and I.

I don’t begrudge Thierry for wanting to win things on the greatest stage at a time when his was in the tail end of his career, he could have joined a premiership rival, he would never be short of takers but his love for the club was so that he moved abroad to seek his goals. Why couldn’t robin do that? Ok maybe Barcelona and Real Madrid weren’t in the market for a striker of his talents but there were still many big clubs around Europe who could help him fulfil his silverware dreams. It will really pain me to see robin line up against the arsenal one day; this is not how it’s meant to pan out. He really has moved alongside Nasri into the territory of public enemy; all good will is wiped and I certainly won’t have any sympathy if those injuries come back more frequently.

The feeling at the moment is more of disappointment at robin making this career choice rather than despair at the loss to the team. I feel the team will prosper this season; last season it seemed we were so reliant on the Dutchman that any injury would signal meltdown. I see the goals being spread more through the team this time so I do not worry about the goals we have lost through robins departure but I do not relish the added tension to the games against united much like the ones we experienced against Manchester city because of the Nasri factor. We seem to be having more and more fiery games against teams without hating the teams but the individuals on the teams. Adebayor started that trend, Nasri kept it going and now Robin though to be fair United are the enemy regardless of Van Persie.

Good luck Robin, break a leg…

Enjoy your day people

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12 thoughts on “RVP going to Man U, Time to forget the Dutchman – AFC

  1. This is my message to the true Gunners fans out there, the badge at the front is bigger than the name on the back of the Jersey.Robin wants to leave and that was just the truth. There is no point or sense keeping a player against his wish. Its a good business on the part of Arsenal board selling him for £24Million, considering he is 29,prone to injury and has just less than 12 months to loose him for free.
    Don’t forget that Arsenal will always bring out the best in another player. The ex player who thought the club would go down after their departure eventually realized that it was actually the club they left that build and mold them into stars.
    If he was desperate to win trophies, why didn’t he force a move 3-2 seasons ago..He knew no club will ever want to fuck out even £10Million on him.. He is just another Judas we have thrown out of our midst.
    Right now, we can focus on those who love the club and loves the badge. To all my Arsenal pals and fans,don’t forget that Barcelona had its own trial period too and now they are force to be reckoned with.
    Our time has come.
    Arsenal football club is ambitious and we have demonstrated that in the past month with our signings. We just don’t waste money, we are prudent buyers and spenders.
    As regards Song,he has 3 years left on his current deal with the club,if he wants to leave,Please let him go but not on a cheaper rate…If offers in the region of £35millions and above should comes in, i will be glad to see the board to sell him. Buy a replacement like M’villa or Capoue with £12-£15Million and use the balance to pay part of our debts.
    We can always use what we have to get what we want. This is our club. No pain No gain…
    The fans should just relax and get behind the team.I have the believe that a trophy drought has ended last season and we should at least get one trophy this season.
    Long-life Arsenal FC.


  2. Firstly, let me recommend your no nonsense approach to written articles on your blog @GambeanoSnitch. You are simply a genius. I’m a Nigerian and I’m your follower both on Facebook and Twitter. Just like you put-it, Van-Persie’s gone Let’s MOVE-ON. Ciao!


  3. RVP shall ever remain in my heart, he is a greate player of high reput. The arsenal board simply wanted to use him to make money if only they want to keep him they would have done that Arsenal have all it takes to bring in world class players they as well can pay 5 players 220,000£ a week if they want to. In my opinion RVP Is worth 250,000£ a week. Wenger and the board are only hypocrates they have thier way of doctoring information to suit our ears. I am not an enemy of Robin i wish him the best. Shame to them all.


  4. On the issue of Song Wenger should not make me believe that he (WENGER) is a racist. I dont see any reason why he is listening to offer for Song who have been so loyal to Arsenal like a slave Song have been over used and under payed by Arsenal. I have seen news that Song has accepted personal terms with Barca but i think that is fallacious it is only a ploy to sale Song and bring in his country man Mvilla who to me is slower than song, Song is also a utility player who also has an eye for a pass and well already established as well as been injury free. It will be a agreat mistake selling him to bring Mvilla who is less effective and more costly. Arsenal 4 life


  5. I think he went to united because they gave a better offer and the hungry board could not resist he wante juve move but the mouth watery board said it was not enough. But i foot think Arsenal can pay 20m£ for player who is 29 and left with a year on his contract they are selfish people. They chose united because they gave a better pay to enlarge thier belly.


    • maybe, but if he has stated he wants to go then its in our best interest to get the most for him, its in RVP interest to prove if he respects the club or not. RVP chose not to.


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