Wenger patience wearing thin

With the protracted contract negotiations continuing between Arsenal and winger Theo Walcott, manager Arsene Wenger is clearly getting to the end of his tether.

There has been a distinct lack of apparent progress with the completion of a deal with the England international and as the weeks go by a resolution is looking more and more unlikely.

The other major factor is that Walcott will be out of contract at the end of the season and with the January transfer window edging closer, Arsenal are going to have one last chance to cash in on the former Southampton starlet if a deal can’t be agreed.

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With the Gunners in the midst of a poor run of form in the Premier League, the lack of commitment from one of the first-team players will not be helping matters at the Emirates.

Wenger has expressed his desire to keep Walcott at the North London outfit and believes the player would like to stay too but clearly something is holding up the deal.

The Frenchman said:

“With Theo, I have no news. I personally am not involved in that directly, indirectly of course yes, but at the moment we have not made any progress.

“Honestly, I am frustrated. Between the player and me it is all clear, he knows what he wants and he has to make up his mind.”

“We have been in negotiations with Theo for a long, long time, and we have not been late in our re-negotiations with him.”

“We always try to extend the contracts very early.”

With the likes of Liverpool believed to be interested in signing Walcott, we might well see the 23-year-old in the red of Liverpool instead of the Arsenal red in January.

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5 thoughts on “Wenger patience wearing thin

  1. I think everyone’s patience is wearing thin on this one. Walcott is a great player but no party has come out of this lengthy negotiation well and it just looks to me like he’s stalling to be off somewhere in January. It can’t be good for morale inside the camp at a time Arsenal desperately need some positivity. What we definitely don’t want to do is lose him on a free transfer at the end of the season.

    My gut feel is that he’ll be off in Jan. at least a resolution to the saga might let Wenger focus on putting things right.


    • God bless u. D press always look 4 opnrptuoity to take a swipe at Wenger and if we fans are not careful we’ll unnecessarily put pressure on him till he quits,i bet u Arsenl cannot replace Wenger.D Guardiolas,Mourinhos,Mancinis only stay at clubs there is much money to throw around and we hav 2 face it Arsenal is not one of such clubs. D same media dat does not rate our players high as dey rate inferior players of other clubs come back to say Arsenal hav lost world class player when dey leave d club. D unfortunate thing is dat many self aclaimed die hard fans of d club are misled by dis media,little wonder Song is suddenly a world class player cos he left Arsenal n adjective dey hav never used 4 him before.Dis same media nd some fans now underrates walcott,some fans are even calling for his sale.I bet u if walcott is sold today d media’ll say Arsenal hav lost another star player hence it is no longer a big club. Hav u asked why there is so much noise about song going 2 barca and silence on Modric going 2 Madrid,T. Silva&Ibra going 2 PSG or Cassano 2 Inter. We need 2 believe in wenger and d team and not b misled by lazy and unobjective media. Gunner 4 life. 3 12


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