Bradford embarrassment sinks Arsenal to new low

Absolutely shocking performance last night, Arsenal fans across the land must be united in wondering how we can turn this around. The line up last night included no kids, none of the young raw players we have witnessed in previous rounds. This was the first team out there, pitted against a league two side. There is no excuse to struggle against a side from that level; I know the home fans were up for it and that would of course lift their players but this was our first team out there.

Words cannot describe the embarrassment felt witnessing the game yesterday. On Saturday the win against West Brom was seen as the first step on the long road to recovery; a chance to build back some confidence and momentum and prove the club is still a major force. Well yesterday Bradford City pushed Arsenal back about 20 steps; it is going to take a hell of a lot to restore some pride and dignity to Arsenal’s reputation.

arsenal out

Our once great club is now a laughing-stock; it is hard to defend the events of last night. It may only be penalties but it should never have reached the stage of penalties. Despite the one million and one wake up calls we have already had this season we still have not reacted. Will this spark some soul-searching and a new focus to put things right? Hardly, we will be here again in couple weeks time questioning another defeat. It is a vicious cycle and the January transfer window cannot come quick enough; we need wholesale changes, talking up the quality of the players we have means nothing if they cannot produce the results.

We are a club in turmoil; there is no way to sugar coat it, a high number of players in the squad are just not good enough to take us back to the top. Arsene needs to put his ruthless hat on and wield the axe; he needs to fix the team as soon as possible. We cannot afford to wait until the summer and at the moment Wenger cannot afford any more slip ups. The pressure is on like never before, he lost the backing of even more fans last night after that outcome and at this moment in time I cannot see him lasting the season if things don’t change.

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In his defence, he put out a strong team against Bradford and those players who were on the pitch should take most of the blame for the performance and result. They let him down big time, they let the fans down and they let their selves down. I’m not even going to single out players; the usual suspects who the fans ridicule did nothing to prove otherwise. I won’t blame the penalty misses because like I said the game should never have even got to the stage of a shootout. The whole team needs to look long and hard at itself, we cannot paper over the cracks anymore because fan power grows stronger with each poor performance.

The only Arsenal positive I can think of right now if the fact that we are not playing until next Monday so my weekend won’t be spoiled in any way. I will get back to being more positive about Arsenal and their chances for the rest of the season but for now I am sure you are in agreement that this sucks right now.

Try your best to survive the banter from rival fans today.

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15 thoughts on “Bradford embarrassment sinks Arsenal to new low

  1. I like the way you protect Wenger in a very subtle way. Yeah right blame the players I bet they forgot to say hey coach we need to practise penalties. You talk about Players that need to be sold we have a long sh%t list starting with Wenger, Gazidis, Hillwood, Kroenke, then we have Fabianski, Squillachi, Djourou, Santos, Yennaris,Coquelin,Frimpong,Ramsey,Diaby and Rosicky (injury prone hardly play),Gervinho,Arshavin,Bendtner,Chamak,Denilson,Park.

    Just imagine what could happen if we sold the sh%t list put 4 million pounds on each players head you get 64 million pounds. Next step get rid of Wenger, and get a good replacement. Take the 70 million pounds in the coffers add it to 64 million and you got R134 million pounds to spend. JUST IMAGINE!!!!
    BUT No !! that won’t happen> WHY?
    Arsenal equalize and the AKB’s start chanting Arsenal is the best club in the world. Delusion filled with mediocrity and a lot of brainwashed idiots who can’t see the light. All of them were out yesterday saying how we turned it around against West Brom. Where are they now? They gave Wenger and the board the power to to mess up the team. Damn Wengerites!!!


  2. Arsenal have lost everything,no focus,no team spirit.Well i expect that to hunt Arsenal,when a team like Arsenal can sell thier hottest property in the league.How can a manager that wants to win a trophy sell his best players?Now that the team is going down,you are looking for quality players to buy.Lolz.Come summer it will be the same news.He will not buy any quality player come january.


    • He is now in last chance saloon, board has backed wenger all the way but if there are no serious buys in January it’s not only wenger under threat the board will also get turned on


  3. I just think we’re missing a finisher and a proper number 10. Cazorla is too deep and never in the box. So many times we pulled the ball back from the goal line and no one is in the middle of the box.
    Gerv is definitely not a striker and Pod doesn’t have the movement to be one, Giroud is good as CF but not a finisher unless straight to his feet or on his head.
    Wenger does some strange things like persisting with Ramsey as a winger and Gerv up front and taking off the best performer (Coq) on the night for a striker Wenger and Chamkh himself have no confidence in.
    Lastly, Someone also needs to tell Wilshere we’re the team in the blue stripes not the yellow.


  4. No on field leaders. No players that can do something special and many players playing out of position.

    I like Ramsey but he would get on better at a smaller club he looks like he is not a Premier League player.

    Gervino is not good enough, just look at his first touch and most importantly he has no instinct for positions Wenger places him in.

    Cannot see a revival I am afraid and nothing changes until we get a new coach


    • it is the managers team and he must live and die by his decisions, he cannot con us by saying he will sign players then he doesnt like in the past. the fans will not tolerate it. i still say january is his last chance


  5. This is just the beginning…
    Million kudos to Sir Alex Ferguson,he is a Manager that knows the missing key in his team and quickly fix it.
    Please tell these people to stop playing with our emotions,they sold their Trophy 23m to their rival and still on the verge of losing Theo,are they nut?
    We lost some matches this season due to the absent of RVP20,had it been that he is still in the squad I’m pretty sure that Arsenal will be in first to third in log.
    This is just the beginning of the Trophyless parole.


  6. Welcome to The Doldrums fellow Gooners – this is beginning to remind me of the early 80s. I feel it is going to get even worse before it gets better.

    No fight in the team, its’ confidence is so brittle it feels like it’ll shatter any second. Too many players are not good enough and perpetually resigning Thierry Henry every January for 6 weeks is not the answer (largely as he will eventually retire one day)…


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