Jovetic rumours grow while skipper pledges to fight for place

This is going to be a long summer for Arsenal fans; the names rolling off the conveyor belt of rumours are endless. To be honest with so many names linked with the Gunners you can be forgiven for believing some could be possible more than others. It’s inevitable the gunners will sign players this summer, the past two seasons spent competing with Tottenham is far from acceptable and the next campaign will require more motivation than just finishing above Spurs. To build on the past few seasons strengthening will be required; there will be no loss of a leading talisman this year so Arsene Wenger at least has a baseline to build upon.

The name of Stevan Jovetic has refused to go away all last season , the rumours grew stronger once the season ended to the point of rumours of his agent being in two places at the same time finalising deals for the forward spread through Twitter like a bush fire. The possibility of the attacker leaving his current club Fiorentina became a realistic outcome with the assertion yesterday by his club that he is free to leave at the right price. This can be deemed a good and bad thing for Arsenal as the statement from the club has made his availability public knowledge to all; if his services are seriously considered for the Emirates then negotiations need to move fast before a bidding war kicks off. Arsenal doesn’t do bidding wars and evidence of this can be looked back upon as reasons for missing out on past targets such as David Silva and Juan Mata.


It may transpire that the Montenegrin was never a serious target, one thing Arsenal fans will need to bear in mind before firing abuse at the manager if he indeed moves on to another club. There was a lot of criticism at the Failure to sign Yann M’via last summer however the French midfielder has since proven to be quite the misfit; a bullet dodged in many fans eyes.

You would think with all the effort and pressure to finish in the top four had paid off and players would line up to experience Champions League football with the club next season however qualifiers still loom before Arsenal are definitely part of the Champions League line up. The looming Champions’ League qualifiers can possibly become a stumbling block in negotiations; it will certainly be a bargaining chip agents can use to their advantage.

Club captain Tomas Vermaelen was quick to dismiss rumours that he will be leaving the club in the summer. He explained competition is part of what happens in football and he’s ready to fight to get back into the team and return to the level that earned him the right to be selected as captain again. The partnership of Mertesacker and Koscielny kept the Belgian out of the team on merit towards the end of last season and despite the wound to his pride at being dropped whilst being captain I fully believe in his abilities and expect him to win back his respect.


Whether he will still be captain next season I do not know, the extra burden taken away might be the best thing for him so he can fully focus on his game. That’s not to say a new defender will not join the ranks this summer, an established defender rather than potential is likely to keep all the current personnel on their toes.

Well done to Lukasz Podolski last night for scoring a goal for Germany within the first 10 seconds of the match. Will expect more of that next season for the Gunners

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Jack to miss season start, M’Vila interest over? AFC

So Sunday 1st July greets us with depressing news. News that our very own Jack Wilshere could actually be sidelined for longer than expected and any sign of a return may not be before September. The mirror paper reports his rehabilitation from the operation he had back in May would take up to 12 weeks and that would effectively rule him out of the start of the season. Not ideal as it would have been more beneficial if Jack had a full pre-season behind him making him ready for the new season rather than joining the first team well into the season and having to hit the ground running. Jack is so important to Arsenal and its future however can we afford to ease him back into the team; early season is so fast paced the risk to jack’s ankle with be very high.

With England in desperate need of a saviour to ignite a new dawn under Roy Hodgson it is very likely he will be thrown into international football at first opportunity.

Although this is quite worrying news for Arsenal fans to digest I am sure this information has been known to Arsenal management. What they have planned in light of this information is not known but there has to be a contingency plan in pace in terms of cover. As we learned with Aaron Ramsey last season having to rely on a player who has returned from a long term injury and throwing them straight into the deep end not only hurts the player but hurts the team also. Through no fault of Ramsey himself his contribution to Arsenal midfield was under the microscope more than usual due to our poor preparation and start to last season.

Arsenal fans wanted answers and Ramsey’s form was highlighted, with the loss of important personnel from our midfield that season Ramsey wasn’t the afforded the luxury of being eased back into the team. This is a similar scenario that could be faced by Wilshere for Arsenal and England. This situation has to be handled with the upmost sensitivity or we could risk losing the player longer or denting his confidence to critical levels if he doesn’t reach the high levels he set before the injuries as soon as possible. A year is a hell of a long time to be out through injury and ring rustiness is inevitable I just hope Arsene has everything under control.

In light of the sombre news we were all waving off Yossi Benayoun to pastures new. Could he have been able cover until jack is back up and running? Would Yossi himself be happy effectively keeping the seat warm for Jack until he is back to full fitness? It seems with the Jack news that our transfer business this summer will be far from over. Who has wenger got his eyes on to fill the void, will there be a promotion within. Could Henri Lansbury receive the opportunity to prove himself at last in the Arsenal midfield or will the returning Denilson play a part this season. Not to mention Francis Coquelin and Abou Diaby being in Arsene’s thoughts.

One player who seems to have fallen out of Arsene’s thoughts is Yann M’vila. It seems the young midfielder’s behaviour at Euro 2012 hasn’t gone down well with our manager. His reaction to a substitution in France’s game against Spain didn’t go unnoticed and may have harmed his chances of a move to the Emirates this summer. One thing Arsene doesn’t do is babysit troublesome souls, any sign of petulance and the front door shuts on that player. Will be a shame to lose out on a player we need though it will be important that the squad isn’t ego driven and actually has some togetherness.

With the transfer window now open we will see how the transfer dealings pan out before season start. We leave it into Arsene’s hands. Arsene knows…

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