Wilshere performance helps erase bad feeling – AFC

Well we have some positive news to help soften the bad feeling from our inept display against Norwich at the weekend. Fortunes can change so quickly in football, we went into the international break on the back of a good win against London rivals west ham. We returned from the international break with our worst performance of the season. The fallout from that has left arsenal fans dreaming of the return of Jack Wilshere to the team.

A few weeks back we were looking at our squad and assessing that jack can take his time, his place in the team was in good hands as we were grinding results and earning plaudits. A few unfortunate injuries have now hit the squad and now things don’t look so rosy. It’s not quite panic stations yet, this is one result and we are more than capable of bouncing back from the setback.

Yesterday the arsenal reserves played an u-21 fixture against Everton, the line up included all three of our long term absentees in Wilshere, Sagna and Frimpong. All three managed to play the full 90 minutes and further their potential returns to first team action. It definitely is the type of news us fans would like to hear especially given the fact that Jack influenced the game. In the 2-1 win Jack was involved with both of our goals and is on course for a first team berth against Reading next Tuesday.

The news is exciting that he is managing to play games without any setbacks; physically he seems ready to return but football is more than physicality. Jack will need to be ready on a psychological level to make challenges and be on the end of them again. Long term injuries give players time to reflect, time to miss what they were used to and become cautious of how easy they can lose it all again. Jack is a tenacious player and I’m sure it won’t be before too long he is throwing himself into challenges full blooded, the confidence will return with each game.

The news of Jack returning does tend to overshadow the developments of Sagna and Frimpong’s recovery but understandably Carl Jenkinson has filled in the right back role well enough to make Sagna’s return less urgent. Emmanuel Frimpong in all due respect is more of a fringe player than first teamer at the time of his injury, even though he was on loan. he does have a part to play in this team and with the departure of Alex Song he has every opportunity to prove to Wenger that there was a ready made replacement in house rather than the need to acquire Yann M’Villa during the summer.

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One thought on “Wilshere performance helps erase bad feeling – AFC

  1. @Bob Builder I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your netseewtlr. I agree Fabs needs to go. The team has been built around him and it’s really to our hindrance. The question is, with his less-than-stellar season (injured a lot, high profile mistakes, not stepping up as a leader when needed, etc.) does anyone (including Barca) still want him?.@LE Re: Clichy. He is regressing, yes. But I was trying to skim the crap off the top. He still has decent games and there is NO WAY I see more than 5-7 players moving this year (in or out). That’s an insane number for a club like Arsenal we’d be lucky to get even a portion of the above. But Clichy’s crossing percentage and pass completion rates have been horrendous this year..2bob @troop Kos has had some SERIOUSLY bad blunders this year. Ahem, Carling Cup, plus all the yellows and reds. Some were poor calls, some were his errors, and some were challenges that needed to be made to save a game and he just had to pay the price. I think he has more potential that Sq. in the long run, but I would be happier if he was on the bench for cover and Verma, Djourou, and some other strong CB (to be named/bought/then injured) were in the back starting.


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