Let Djourou Stay in Germany

The news that on-loan defender, Johan Djourou, doesn’t want to return to the club shouldn’t disappoint too many Arsenal fans, who would rather we would cut our ties with the 26-year-old altogether.
The Swiss international told Neue Presse Hannover he is happy at new club, Hannover, where he has made 12 appearances so far this spring.
“It would be fantastic if the clubs could agree on a deal,” he revealed. “It is a difficult situation since I still have two years left on my contract in London.”
Djourou left the Emirates in January after making just two appearances this season and hasn’t been missed since, boss, Arsene Wenger, finding a reasonably strong partnership in Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny.
With Arsenal set to strengthen their defence in the summer, it is becoming increasingly clear Djourou will not be in the first team from next season.
DJOUROU Hannover
Although the majority of football betting pundits agree  Djourou should be nowhere near the first team, news he wants to leave Arsenal is nevertheless disappointing for a player Wenger put so much trust in during the early years.
Since coming up through the ranks in 2005, the defender made over 100 appearances for Arsenal yet is maybe indicative of our recent plight. He’s never won a trophy and ruined his only chance during the Carling Cup final at Wembley.
The fact he started in 2011 against Birmingham proved just how fragile Arsenal’s defence was at the time and, although the only real addition has been Mertesacker, at least we have some nous at the back handling dangerous situations.
If anything, Djourou is the embodiment of our partially failed youth policy that put too much trust and gave too many shirts to players who simply weren’t good enough. Times are changing and Wenger has realised relying on poor youngsters to come good isn’t the solution to his problems.
If Djourou wants to go then let him; Arsenal are better off without a player who has proven incapable of meeting the demands of top-flight football, much to the chagrin of fans who enjoy a football bet
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7 thoughts on “Let Djourou Stay in Germany

  1. Djurou should stay @ h 96 because arsenal dose not need him again since we are strengthning our defence his service Ȋ̊ş not longer needed


  2. Djourou should pls stay at hannover 96 pls. He is not the best or brightest defender I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt.


  3. You all crazy, what has djourou done that Varmalen, Ramsey,even Cos has not done the same, like how many own goal Cos and Varmalen has cost us, carling cup final Cos and Szes make a mistake we lost the final, so remind me a match where djourou have been woeful and the partner was not or the ow team. Except the fact that this guys has been playing out of position too, he plays as right back so many time last season after he has been our last defender last two season even when we played Baca, then the stupid coach played him to right back wen sagna was injure and u believe his going to give you a good match even the world defenders today terry, pique, fedinand, vidic, will never meet average if they play right back. Nonsense sell everybody and believe the one that are coming is the solution to the team. We just started.


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